Administrative Services Benchmarks

From the business office to police/security, IT to financial aid, and others, administrative services benchmarking offers benchmarks that can be used to measure and share the success of your institution. 

Administrative services provide immense value to students and the entire institution—and communicating that value is increasingly important.  Benchmarking will provide the measures for this communication.


Communicating the value of administrative services is more important now that ever before.  Aministrative services benchmarks give those departments the standards of performance to compare departments within the insitution and to peers outside of the insitutions—all with the end goals to improve efficiency, institutional effectiveness, and student outcomes.


Members can create national, regional, and peer comparison reports based on the following normed benchmarks:


Administrative Services Departments

  • Advancement
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Marketing
  • Physical Plant
  • Research Services
  • Security/Police

Administrative Services Benchmarks

  • Staffing FTE 
    • Centralized
    • Decentralized 
    • System
  • Department Budgets
    • Personnel
    • Non-personnel by function
  • Process and Outcome Measures by Department