How to Join

How to Join

Choose to participate in the Credit NCCBP, the Non-credit  NCCBP or both modules.  

Credit NCCBP Module

This is the traditional NCCBP covering enrollments, student success - completion, transfers, persisence, retentions; satisfaction, student performance, college financials and other institutional effectiveness measures.

Non-credit  Module

This module offers member institutions over 100 consistent measures to express continuing education division productivity and successes to internal and external stakeholders.  Non-credit continuing education programs, contract training, workforce training and life and leisure or life-style programs are all covered in this module.

New Member Returning Member

New Member: Complete the membership form.

Returning Member (Credit or Non-credit project): Sign in, confirm or edit existing account, and renew.


Contact us if you have any questions.
Schedule a demo, if you like, to get a better picture of the power in our benchmarking tools and reports.

Members receive reports and ongoing access to member-year data to make benchmark comparisons. Uses of NCCBP resources are subject to confidentiality and data use conditions, and members are expected to abide by data use and publication policies included in membership agreements.


Annual Membership Fees

Early Bird NCCBP -Credit:  $1,250 (membership completion must be received by April 1, 2020, payment may follow later) The early bird deadline has been extend to May 1, 2020 this year.

          Add the Non-credit NCCBP module to your participation for $500.

NCCBP - Credit Membership after April 1 Pricing: $1,450

          Add the Non-credit NCCBP module to your participation for $500.

Non-credit NCCBP Only:  Price is $950

Special Pricing for College Systems

Special pricing is available for those who want to join as a college system and report more than one campus. Please contact us for more information.