From persistence rates to distance learning outcomes, from student engagement to institutional effectiveness measures, from developmental success to student outcomes, the National Community College Benchmark Project (NCCBP) offers 150+ credit benchmarks that matter most to community colleges.

A proven and relevant yardstick to measure performance, created by community colleges for community colleges.

NCCBP members can create national, regional, and peer comparison reports based on the following normed benchmarks:

Completion & Transfer for Full-Time and Part-Time Students

  • Certificate and degree completion rates
  • Transfer rates
  • Performance at transfer institutions

Retention & Persistence

  • College-level course retention and success rates
  • Developmental course retention and success rates
  • Fall-spring and fall-fall persistence rates

Student Performance

  • Success rates in core academic skill areas
  • Developmental student success in first college-level courses
  • Institution-wide grade information
  • Distance learning outcomes
  • Distance learning sections and grade distributions

Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Noel-Levitz, CCSSE, and ACT student satisfaction and engagement ratings
  • Educational goal attainment